People with anxiety disorders have many treatment options today, as medical science recognizes the condition and the debilitating effects that it can have. While a large number of anxiety sufferers take prescription medication and/or attend therapy sessions, there are other ways to see improvement in their condition. Many anxious people opt for holistic treatments including, but not limited to, magnetic bracelets.

As far back as Aristotle, there have been records of people using magnets for pain relief and to evoke a sense of well-being. Scientists and doctors from all over the world have talked about what magnets can do and what they cannot do. According to published texts throughout history, there have been claims made that magnetic therapy can help with everything from arthritis to cancer to neurological issues. Magnetic bracelets, however, are a relatively new invention. No specific date for their creation has been found.


According to most of the published information on magnetic bracelets, the bracelets can help to reduce pain from arthritis, injury and chronic health problems. The function of the magnetic bracelets is to ease these aches and pains and stimulate circulation and blood flow to the areas where the aches occur. While some don’t see how this could have anything to do with treatment for a mental health issue like anxiety, many of the people who suffer with anxiety also suffer with aches and pains.


When a person has anxiety, he is tensed up almost all the time. It’s only natural that the person has aches and pains and tired or sore muscles, especially in the neck, back and shoulders. The aches and pains are also a source of anxiety. They convince the anxious person that there really must be something physically wrong with him, because he’s in pain.


There are all kinds of options when it comes to magnetic bracelets. Some of them stretch to accommodate all sizes of wrists. Others fit with a clasp, and still others slip over the hand and onto the wrist like a bangle. Some fit on the wrist but don’t completely enclose it. Among these variations there are choices regarding how strong the magnets are, where in the bracelet they are placed, and how many of them are used. High-quality magnetic bracelets will last for many years.