How to Tell if You a Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced Lifter


Your lifting age isn’t the variety of years you’ve been coaching.  It represents a stage of growth of a lifter characterised by how shut they’re to the bounds of their genetic potential.  There are novices which were lifting on and off for years.

The way you prepare relies on your lifting age, so it’s vital to have an concept of the place you might be on the continuum.  Novice, intermediate, and superior lifters have some widespread traits and I’ve listed them right here for you.

Novice Lifter

  • Untrained or lifting has been in constant
  • Furthest away from genetic potential
  • Most speedy progress throughout this section.
  • Full restoration in 48-72 hours.
  • More likely to see progress from one session to the subsequent.
  • Coaching packages must be easy, with out loads of completely different workout routines
  • Complete physique, Three instances every week.
  • Time on this section varies from individual to individual, but when constant, it lasts 3-6 months if coaching is constant.

Intermediate Lifter

  • Nearer to genetic potential for dimension and energy.
  • Begins when novice development slows.
  • Progress takes longer. Don’t anticipate to progress from session to session.
  • Full restoration takes longer. Might have every week.
  • Exercise splits want to vary to permit for particular person physique elements to get well.
  • Use higher/decrease, push/pull kind of splits.
  • Incorporate extra workout routines to coach extra motion patterns and study new abilities.
  • Coaching packages evolve to incorporate blocks of time the place quantity might be cycled up or down.
  • Takes 6 months to 2 years of constant, intentional coaching.
  • Most individuals will voluntarily keep on this stage.

Superior Lifter

  • Longer than 2 years of constant, deliberately programmed coaching.
  • Very near genetic potential.
  • Takes a very long time to make enhancements.
  • Weekly group much less efficient; periodization over an extended time span is required.
  • Decrease variety of workout routines wanted.
  • Full restoration can take weeks.

Consider these phases as a continuum with blurry edges.  Novices will progress in the event that they raise constantly and use progressive overload.  Intermediates want intentional and sensible programming to progress to the superior section.   

The one lifters that must progress to the superior stage are rivals in a lifting sport.  Individuals serious about being match and robust can attain their objectives whereas within the  intermediate section.

The vital take-away is that for those who prepare constantly and purposely, it’s regular in case your restoration time will increase and your  progress to slows down a bit.


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Tammy White

Tammy turned an athlete in her 50’s and is obsessed with serving to different busy adults remodel their well being.  Every particular person has a singular mixture of strengths and challenges which have for use to form a program that can work.   Science-based rules, flexibility, accountability, and assist make all of the distinction.

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