Frustrated with No Results? Work Smarter Using the SAID Principle!


We’re what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, just isn’t an act, however a behavior. ~Aristoltle

If you happen to practice to be a sprinter, you’ll get quicker.

If you happen to practice to run 26 miles, you’ll be capable to run a marathon.

If you happen to practice with heavy weights, you’ll get stronger.


Our physique is engineered to adapt to change into higher at what we ask it to do repeatedly.

Does your program align together with your targets?

It’s important that you simply perceive the Principal of Specificity (SAID precept) and use it in your programming.

S: Particular

A: Adaption to

I: Imposed

D: Calls for


The human physique adapts particularly to imposed calls for.  If the way you practice and the way you eat isn’t in-sync together with your long-term objective, you received’t get there.  Your lack of progress will trigger you to assume it’s not working – and also you’ll be appropriate.

Many people in our middle-aged years have targets centered on normal well being…

  • extra power
  • get off meds
  • stress administration

If that’s the case, a middle-of-the-road method to coaching that includes resistance coaching, just a little cardio, principally whole-food decisions, all performed constantly over time will get you there.  Extra about organizing that later…

Improve lean mass, get stronger, scale back body-fat, nutritious meals…fundamental recommendation for anybody who wants to enhance their well being.

Are you motivated by a sure physique sort? 

Do you might have a picture in your thoughts about the way you need to look?  Have you ever created a Pinterest imaginative and prescient board with photographs of people that encourage you?

If you wish to appear like a figure-pro, you possibly can’t practice like a marathon runner.   It is advisable do what they do.  You possibly can analysis that your self or work with a coach or coach who is aware of the way to write packages for that adaptation.

Are you motivated by one thing you need to have the ability to do?

I believe many people even have one thing in thoughts about how we need to look or what actions we would like to have the ability to do – mountaineering, biking, energy lifting, and many others.  Your coaching wants to copy the exercise you need to have the ability to do or enhance. 

And count on your physique will appear like somebody who’s a hiker, biker, energy lifter, and many others.

Key Level: Your physique will adapt to the way in which you practice it. 

As straight-forward as this sounds, many individuals aren’t doing it.  Loads of of us inform me they’re making an attempt to “tone up” (i.e. develop lean muscle) however do an excessive amount of cardio and/or don’t eat to assist the objective of firming up.

If you wish to develop muscle, however practice like an endurance athlete, you’re certain to change into pissed off together with your lack of progress.

An endurance athlete’s physique received’t carry a lot muscle mass due to how they practice.  They don’t want the facility generated by additional muscle.  It’s simply additional weight that isn’t a needed adaptation.  Lengthy periods of working will scale back muscle mass.

Sprinters have extra muscle as a result of they want that energy.  However you don’t see many sprinters working marathons.  It’s unlikely you’ll see a sprinter WIN a marathon regardless that they’re a complicated athlete in their very own sport.

Biology all the time wins.  The SAID precept all the time applies.   Your physique will adapt to the calls for you impose on it.

The SAID precept applies to calorie consumption, too.

The most important mistake I see folks make is that they’re ALWAYS on a food plan!

If you happen to restrict energy for too lengthy, there will probably be an adaptation to that imposed demand of restricted power.  Your physique will change into power environment friendly and run on fewer energy.

That’s superior if it’s your automobile!  However we don’t need our our bodies to be environment friendly in that approach.  We would like it to make use of as many energy as potential.  When it adapts to a decrease consumption, it’s tougher to create the caloric deficit you want for fats loss.  

Are you really coaching for the difference you need?

If you wish to be a greater runner, hiker, or bicycle owner, I’m not an excellent useful resource for the way to practice for that adaptation, however there may be a number of data on-line to your sports activities.

What I do learn about is the way to construct a badass, muscular, lean physique.  For these of us who need each muscle groups and leanness, and it’s potential to get each – finally.

The SAID precept prevents the human physique from coaching optimally for each targets on the identical time.

As a substitute, use the SAID precept to cycle your coaching focus between these two targets in phases over time.

The person who chases two rabbits, catches neither. ~Confucius

Deal with muscle progress for 6-12 months.

Longer is best in case you’re keen to do it.  Don’t food plan throughout that point.  Run your energy about 100-200 over your day by day 24-hour burn and be sure you getting sufficient protein (read this blog to learn the way a lot you want).

The extra muscle in your body, the extra energy your physique wants at relaxation.  Plus, there may be that “be-strong-and-don’t-break-if-you-fall-down” half that appeals to me now that I’m approaching 60.

Nonetheless, it takes a LOT longer to develop muscle than it does to lose fats.

New lifters will see a number of progress with muscle progress initially, however that “beginner” gaining interval doesn’t final.  Progress slows down if you change into an intermediate lifter.

After the constructing part, do a mini-cut for 3-6 months.

You might not lose all of the fats you need to lose in Three to six months however finish it anyway.  If you happen to keep in a minimize too lengthy, you improve the chance that your physique will adapt to these decrease energy.

Whereas on this part, you’ll additionally want to include refeeds and food plan breaks – additionally to fend off adaptation and maintain the fat-loss progressing.

Carry energy as much as your new upkeep calorie quantity for an additional 6-12 months.

It is going to be a brand new upkeep calorie quantity since you’ll be smaller after that mini-cut part.

Repeat these Three phases (muscle acquire, mini-cut, preserve weight) till you attain your physique composition objective.

You might select to skip the gain-phase and cycle between the mini-cut and upkeep phases, however don’t skip the upkeep part.  Every time you begin a upkeep part, reset your upkeep energy and proceed your exercise.  You’ll lose what you’ve performed in case you don’t preserve it. 

These are all normal options.  Do some analysis and search for data that is smart for you together with your life.  In case you have questions, be at liberty to depart them within the feedback beneath or email me.

Search for articles associated particularly to your targets.  I dial this in for my shoppers, so working with a coach or coach is all the time an choice in case you’d prefer to delegate the programming to another person.

Whether or not you’re employed with somebody or do your programming by yourself, the Precept of Specificity must be a part of the design of your program.

Take a second and look over what you might be doing to be sure you’re imposing the fitting sorts of calls for in your program to get the difference you need.

Coach Tammy turned an athlete in her 50’s and is keen about serving to different busy adults remodel their well being.  Every particular person has a singular mixture of strengths and challenges which have for use to form a program that may work.   Science-based ideas, flexibility, accountability, and assist make all of the distinction.  If you wish to be taught extra about her on-line teaching packages, click here.

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