8 Foods That Relieve Constipation Better Than Laxatives

8 Foods That Relieve Constipation Better Than Laxatives



Dried plums, extra popularly often known as prunes, are improbable for constipation. Because of their high-fiber content material, they assist bowel actions by growing water content material in stools whereas enhancing stool weight by means of fatty acids. Prunes additionally include particular phenolic compounds and a sugar alcohol known as sorbitol, each of which increase gastrointestinal well being.

Not solely do they produce a mild laxative effect, however additionally they stimulate the manufacturing of excellent micro organism. As a matter of truth, research have proven that individuals who eat simply 10 prunes a day – roughly 100g – expertise extra frequent bowel actions and see higher consistency of waste. You can even drink prune juice if you happen to favor.


All forms of complete wheat merchandise are nice replacements for conventional varieties. This doesn’t simply cowl bread, although, because it additionally encompasses pasta and rice. It is because complete wheat meals have plenty of insoluble fiber, which helps so as to add weight to stools.

In case you’re going for bread, shopping for a spread that additionally comprises nuts and seeds gives you a fair stronger impact. Rye bread is very useful on this respect. Simply two slices of it make up 15% of the really useful each day dietary fiber consumption. This type of bread definitely works a lot better than laxatives, and it’s simpler at easing constipation than different forms of wheat bread.


Each these sorts of berries have excessive water content material and plenty of fiber, so that they have been identified to alleviate constipation nicely. Because of their excessive vitamin C content material and a superb increase of calcium, they’re typically good, wholesome fruits to eat often. Do be aware that you simply shouldn’t eat an excessive amount of of those fruits each day as a consequence of their excessive fats and sugar content material, however they’re suitable for eating in a small handful, combined with cream or yogurt, and even in baked items.


Consuming these two fruits uncooked can promise a number of advantages, not simply to your intestine however for total well being. Each include quite a lot of water and excessive quantities of fiber, which naturally assist bowel actions total, they usually include loads of useful parts for intestine well being.

One of many fibers contained in apples is named pectin, which is nice for growing stool water content material, making stools softer and heavier by means of the usage of fatty acids. Research have proven pectin can increase stool journey time, too! One of the best apples to eat for constipation are the Granny Smith selection. Then again, pears have excessive fructose, which stimulates the bowels; and sorbitol, which acts as a minor laxative.


Pulses are a meals group comprised of issues like lentils, beans, and even peas. These are filled with big quantities of fiber. One cup of baked beans can include almost 80% of the really useful each day fiber consumption. As an added bonus, they’re additionally usually very cheap!

Pulses include a mixture of completely different sorts of fiber, each soluble and insoluble. Collectively, these fiber sorts assist so as to add bulk to waste materials, whereas additionally softening them, thus serving to with constipation. In case you’re not too large a fan of consuming pulses unaccompanied, you possibly can mix them into dips, add them to soups or salads, and even throw them in with dishes involving floor meat.


That’s proper, even this film snack will be nice for relieving constipation. Popcorn could be very low in energy and consuming it’s a good way so as to add additional fiber into your eating regimen whereas nonetheless satisfying cravings. Selecting popcorn over chips can go a good distance! Simply be certain that the popcorn you’re consuming is air-popped and never utterly smothered in butter and salt for a more healthy but tasty snack.


Oranges, mandarins, and grapefruits are loaded with fiber, particularly pectin, which we mentioned when speaking about apples. This element is principally current within the peel. These fruits even have naringenin, which is a sort of flavanol that helps so as to add to their constipation-relieving properties.

Citrus fruits are additionally nice for serving to fluids secrete into the colon, which produces a light however noticeable laxative impact. Plus, they style so refreshing and juicy! Because of how a lot vitamin C they include, they make a terrific snack meals.


Flaxseeds are a long-known treatment for constipation, they usually have been utilized in medication for hundreds of years for this very objective. It is because they’ve all the results of a pure laxative as a consequence of their excessive insoluble and soluble fiber content material. Consuming only one tablespoon of this meals provides you 11% of your each day really useful fiber. Flaxseed can increase the frequency of bowel motion whereas boosting the load of stools.

It virtually acts like a big gut sponge that may soften stools with the water it collects, all whereas stimulating good micro organism development with short-chain fatty acids. You possibly can eat flaxseeds as they’re or by means of flaxseed oil, and even olive oil has the same impact. Do be aware that you shouldn’t eat flaxseeds if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding as it may possibly stimulate the beginning of menstruation when taken in extra.